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Putting People First

Every day I speak with Ontarians, in Mississauga, the GTA and across the province, and I hear how they are facing the challenges of living in our province. I believe that the government can play a role in addressing the concerns that people have about issues like healthcare, education, and affordability. 

Under this government they have made things worse through cutbacks and underfunding of key public services. They have the wrong priorities for our province. They would spend taxpayer money on a luxury spa and parking garage, for instance, instead of using that money to fix our overburdened healthcare system. They are rewarding their friends instead of looking after the needs of Ontarians.


I want to be leader of a Liberal government that puts people first. We have a proud history in this party of creating a fair and inclusive Ontario, where opportunity is rewarded and those in need are given a hand up.


Ontario is at a tipping point. We cannot afford more of what this government has done over the past five years. I've seen it firsthand in my community, and the burden it has placed on the residents of Mississauga. It's time to put an end to this, and I want to lead our Party in forming the next government.

My Vision for Ontario

Our province is filled with opportunities. It is a place where millions have chosen to set down roots, start families, and build businesses and careers. 


I want to build an inclusive Ontario that realizes our potential. It is what I have done in Mississauga and what I want to share with the rest of the province. 


We have serious issues that we need to tackle, from a healthcare system that is fraying at the edges, to schools being shortchanged, to an affordability crisis that is impacting many in our Province. 


It’s time to restore investments in the services Ontarians need while being fiscally responsible. 


I want our Province to be the best both in Canada and around the world. I have led trade missions and seen how Ontario can stack up against any other state or country. We need a government that encourages business and entrepreneurship instead of advancing insiders and cronies.

We have some serious problems in Ontario, and I can’t stand by as the current government takes us down the wrong path and does irrevocable damage for generations.

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About Bonnie


Bonnie Crombie

Bonnie Crombie is a Mayor, mother, daughter, former Councillor and Member of Parliament, Fortune 500 executive, and public affairs professional.


As Mayor of Mississauga, the third-largest city in Ontario, Crombie has real governing experience as the head of Council and presiding over a $4 billion budget. She has guided Mississauga over the past eight years through economic development and responsible growth with a balance of improved service delivery and fiscal integrity. She has won her last two elections by over 75%.


Bonnie serves on Peel Region, Peel Regional Police, Alectra, and is currently the Chair of the Ontario Big City Mayors Caucus. In addition, she is also on the Executive of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and is a member of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.


Prior to being elected as Mayor, Bonnie served as a Councillor for Ward 5 (Mississauga) and before that as Member of Parliament for Mississauga-Streetsville.


Bonnie has experience both in the private and public sector. She has worked for companies like Disney and McDonald's. Before entering public life, she was the Manager of Government Relations for the Insurance Bureau of Canada. In addition, Bonnie has had the honour of being involved in a number of volunteer boards over many years. 


Bonnie holds an MBA from Schulich School of Business, an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto in Political Science and International Studies, and has completed the Institute of Corporate Directors program at the Rotman School of Management.


She is a devoted mother to her three children, Alex, Jonathan and Natasha.

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